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Hair Care Tips And Protective Styles.

What are protective styles?

Any form of style that you wear when your hair ends are tucked away is a protective style.

Why you should do protective styles?
Hair ends are the oldest yet the most fragile part of your hair, if you keep them tucked in, you're protecting them from breakage.
Protective styles play a role in encouraging hair growth because we tend to touch our hair less in protective styles.
They don't however speed up your hair growth, but the idea is to avoid constant manipulation to your hair which will then help in length retention. 
To achieve this end goal, do simple low manipulative styles.

Which protective style is best?
Whenever you're thinking of a protective style, choose one that will protect your hair from breakage (isn't so strenuous to your edges) and actually makes you comfortable.
Protective styles can be long-term or short-term.
The decision depends on: 
• The reason for installing the protective style. (Maybe you're transitioning and you want to avoid the challenge of having to deal with more than two textures)
• The occasion or event you're attending with your protective style. (A vacation or you need a little break from routine styling)
The duration when keeping your hair installed depends on how fast your hair grows. Always ensure your hair is well prepared before doing your protective style, such as wash, condition, treat and trim, this will ensure your hair is well maintained even under a protective style.

Hacks for protective styles

1. Ensure you moisturise your hair.
• You can use a leave-in conditioner spray daily such as the Shea Love London Hair Growth Spray which contains key ingredients such as Castor oil and Rose Water to keep the hair shaft moisterised and locks in moisture all at the same time.
• Apply essential oil to the edges to ensure they're safe and protected from breakage. We advise Rosemary oil (few drops) diluted in a carrier oil of your choice in small amounts.

2. Choose a protective style that suits you better
Ensure you're comfortable with your protective style, it doesn't damage your edges and it plays the end goal, which is to protect your hair. If it is too tight take it out and start again as reversing hair loss is much harder than preventing it. Tight hair is basically pulling hair from roots and will lead to traction alopecia in as little as a few weeks.

3. Choose low manipulative hairstyles.
Not all hairstyles are good for your hair. What that means is check on hairstyles that pull on your edges, and avoid them as much as possible. Wigs can be good as they’re low manipulation and ends are tucked away however they can rub on your edges and wear them away over time.

4. Don't keep your hairstyle way too long.
This will result in product build-up and development of tangles anew knots.

We do hope this blog helps you on your hair care journey.
If you have any comments or have more tips to share on hair care please feel free to comment below. 
Thank you for being part of our community.
Stay safe, don't forget to smile, drink water and moisturise your hair even when in a protective style.


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