Can the Shea Love London body butter be used for baby?

All our scents including the plain are suitable for all sensitive skin. Our formulations have been tested to make sure they are suitable for babies, infants and adults. All conditions such as eczema, psorasis and acne can be treated with our formula.

Which scent is best for problematic skin?

Cinnamon is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal therefore it is best to use when you are trying to clear the skin from impurities post cleansing.
Cinnamon kills bacteria and helps to draw particles from the pores which is the main cause of acne. It also prevents build up as the ingredients used are all non comedogenic.

How often can I use the body butter?

Shea Love London Body Butter can be used at any time of the day but it is advised to use after each shower when skin is damp and not fully dry for an easy and smooth application.